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Memorial Day

Mindful Monday

Memorial Day

“Thank you for your service,” is totally inadequate! Honoring and practicing the ideals veterans served is required! One of those ideals is free and fair elections for all. Russian or other interference in our elections is not acceptable. Moscow Mitch and those that elect and support him, and there are millions of them, know that funding for election security, not lip service and party above county behavior is what is required.

Limiting polling places, hours and days as many Republican states do, is the kind of lip service that says, “Thank you for your service,” while dishonoring veterans’ sacrifices.

Neither Trump, nor McConnell, nor Bush the younger (who actively avoided serving), nor most of the members of Congress and state legislators ever served.

Veterans, friends, family and patriots, please, wake up and stop supporting the Party that says, “Thank you for your service,” while actively under-cutting the ideals veterans served.

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