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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

Boxes and Bears

The wearying and dissatisfying gods – the idols – we have made using the invisible power we call ‘God’, to fill the imagined gap between us and that power are like children’s toys.

Children are frightened when a wooden head suddenly springs up as a closed box is opened, or when a soft silent woolly bear begins to squeak as they take hold of it. The rules they made for boxes and bears have failed them, broken their ‘control’. They are afraid because they thought the rules protected them.

Now must they learn that boxes and bears did not deceive them, broke no rules nor is their world chaotic and unsafe. They were merely mistaken. They misunderstood what made them safe. They simply filled the gap that is not there with countless toys. Reality observes the rules of God, not the rules we have set. Appearances deceive because they are appearances, not reality. But appearance can only deceive a mind that wants to be deceived.

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