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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

The Shame of Covid 19

Contemplate the Bubonic Plague of the Middle Ages and the Spanish Flu (which lasted ten years). Ignorant and without leadership, people didn’t know what to do. The shame of our present plague is people DO know what to do, but many are ignorant and have evil leadership.

Why do we get in our own way? Is it so very important to go to a bar or a beach? What’s so difficult about wearing a mask in public? It’s bad enough some of us want to risk their own lives, but must they risk mine and my family’s too?  

Hitler didn’t do it alone. Neither are Trump and his Republican enablers.

Please. Please! Please stop. This is for real, it’s way beyond politics. Some would sicken and die of course, but this number and devastation need not be…need not be. Take care.

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