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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

Yawning and Touching

Did you know that over-thinking and worry build heat in the brain, and yawning is a natural response to cool things down? Allow yourself to yawn, don’t stifle it.

Similarly, touch heals. Beneath all language, touch and being touched, communicate best. All the stern walls we’ve created, melt in a touch.

Yawn, touch and practice positivity. Write all your fears and concerns down. Gaze at it. Allow your mind to discern that what you wrote is not real; merely projections about the future. Allow yourself to smile, yawn and touch your face. Feel the release. Allow playfulness, creativity and curiosity to rise.

Anything is possible, right? Nobody knows for sure. Laugh, chuckle. This too shall pass and perhaps from it will emerge a world that works for everyone and everything in it. Our hopes and dreams, yawns and touch help make it so.

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