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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Four college kids were killed at Kent State and I don’t know how many wounded.

Shot to death, not by criminals, but by their fellow citizens, many their own age, wearing the uniform of their country. I wonder if I would have shot those kids if I was there in uniform. Would I have considered that, yes, they were perhaps breaking the law, but did that merit shooting them to death?

I wonder if the so-called ‘government agents’ in Portland, Americans all, attacking their fellow American alleged law breakers, ask themselves that question. Or, perhaps, as so many Germans did during Hitler’s rule, simply content themselves with the criminal or illegal label, that violence and murder against illegals is fine. After all, the perps gave up their humanity when they crossed the line into illegality, right?

Were these so-call ‘government agents’ acting in the name of my government and your government when they took off their name tags, insignia and other forms of identification, wore masks to hide their faces and slammed our fellow citizens into unmarked vehicles? And who authorized and ordered that?

Don’t we expect those authorized to use force in our name to meet a higher standard? Or is it simply OK to fight fire with fire, illegality with illegality? Where does this kind of thing end…in Nuremberg?