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Friday Funnies

Friday Funnies 

(Apologies to Trump cult members. Please wake up! You’re drinking the cool aid!)

What’s the difference between Donald Trump and a dirty diaper?

None, they’re both self-absorbed and full of sh*t!

Why did Trump’s brain cross the road to get to the other side? Oh wait, there is no other side.

What do you call the only Trump supporter to follow his orders to obstruct justice? Attorney General William Barr!

Four people on a plane that’s crashing with only 3 parachutes: Rodger Stone, Obama, a little girl and, Trump. Stone grabs one and says, “I’m famous I get one.” Trump grabs one and says, “Well I’m president. Of course I get one.” Obama looks at the little girl and says, “Since you’re the future take the last one.” The little girl hugs Obama and says, “Actually we can both have one Trump took my backpack”

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