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Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday


As I continue to search for explanations of why so many of my countrymen, not only cling to, but actively support the nasty negativity that Trump and his people are, I found this: “No one decides against their own happiness, but may do so if they do not see they do it.” Yes. Good. A partial explanation.

And the demographic and moral shift away from white power and dominance: “One is never afraid of the unknown: one is afraid of the known coming to an end.”

And this that goes with that: What if I discovered an idea that invalidated the idea of who and what I believed myself to be? Wouldn’t there be confusion, anger and blame?

That is all happening. Yet there is another way to look at it – “that which I am is not who I think I am.” What if I’ve been grasping for the wrong materials as I assembled my life? What if all the ideals in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution are good and can be made real for everybody of all races and sexual preferences? It takes courage to consider this. So many cling to their fears.

Can I choose again, differently? Do I have the courage and strength to let go what doesn’t work, given the environmental destruction, economic deprivation and human pain and suffering all around me? Can I entertain a greater vision of who I and my fellow human beings are, realizing that consciousness, life itself and energy cannot be measured nor confined to a small box?

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