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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

None Dare Call it Murder

Why isn’t it murder? The bodies are piling up. The science is clear. Its willful disregard amounts to premeditation.

It’s not called ‘murder’ but it is, isn’t it? Think about it. It’s the way we look at it. The way we’ve always looked at it. Murder has to be one person killing another. But these are extraordinary times, aren’t they? So many ‘firsts’. The way we’ve always looked at murder isn’t up to the task. 

We’ve got to deal with things as they are, don’t we? Don’t we have to take responsablity, for what’s going on, for all the sickness and death and the promise of more? Decisions have been made, are being made…and people are getting sick and dying. We’ve got to see, understand, and there have to be consequences.

The old way of perceiving murder isn’t up to the current mass scale. Plus the politicization of the disease makes it harder to see that it is murder. If we did call it ‘murder’ perhaps we’d react differently. Perhaps the people making decisions at the highest levels would be held responsible. They’d have to face the consequences of their decisions. Also, if we called it ‘murder’ perhaps those millions of cultists who support those decision makers might wake up. But as it is, it’s not murder, no one’s guilty and we continue to die.

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