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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

God Save the Children

How will what is happening now,

impact the children?

How will their experience

of today shape them,

what they do and how they govern?

If what we – people over fifty

thought of as our

benign, protected, well-structured

environment brought us now,

what will theirs bring?

Now we have: 

Many strains of covid 

and the promise of more plagues to come.

QAnon/Trump and democracy itself threatened

Massive environmental and species destruction

Climate change

Out of control internet

Economic & social inequality rivaling the Gilded Age

Perennial hidden racism revealed but unresolved

Ever growing paranoia and distrust of Science and rationality

Joblessness, evictions and the failure

of the American dream worse than the Great Depression.

Could what we’ve done 

with the promise of America

be much worse…?

Will the adults of the future do any better?

We can only hope they will.

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