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Wise Wednesday

Wise Wednesday

More of What I Want

Flow without struggle or criticism; be and express – oh joy! Forgive and be forgiven; Generosity without fear of lack

Bring people together to solve important problems creatively, meaningfully so that the process and results are transformative – expansive, growthfull, fun, exciting for all concerned; process and results allowing us to express ourselves, share from out uniqueness, create and be appreciated for ourselves – no BS, playing it safe, CYA, phoniness, PC or proving; tapping into Spirit thru IDing and using our piece of the puzzle; an experience of community and teamwork, of being bigger and more than any of us imagined.

Read the book and discover more about wisdom as Spirit Tech – Spiritual Technology –  in The New Professionalism: Connecting Science and Spirit http://www.HQPubs.com/spirit-tech-spiritual-technology/ 

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