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We believe that the best entertainment involves all aspects of being human: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Reading, watching or listening to material that grabs, excites, fires the imagination, makes your heart pound, blood rush but also calms, soothes, makes you laugh, think and experience yourself and your world differently is what entertainment is really about. That is the kind of material Harmony-Quest will find and present.



Steve Liebowitz

Steve Liebowitz’  interest in non-traditional ways of understanding the Bible, began under fire during the first TET Offensive in Vietnam in 1968.  In Devorah he shares the idea that God is much more than we think He is. This awareness sustained Steve in the defense of his doctoral dissertation in l990, and continues to support his Business Coaching and Management Consulting practice today.  In addition to his PH.D, Dr. Liebowitz holds two Masters Degrees. He is currently Commander of JWV (Jewish War Veterans) Post 243 in Coral Gables. Not only has Dr Steve researched these ideas, he’s lived them.



HQ wants to have an on-going dialogue with its clientele. Likes and dislikes; what you got out of the material: insights, motivation, inspiration; factual questions; what you want more of, less of. Please share your thoughts and questions with me here: steve@HQPubs.com


Fundraising: Using Books to Support Your Favorite Cause

Books make excellent premiums or gifts for those who renew their memberships in a non-profit organization. Harmony-Quest is eager to discuss bulk sales of books for non-profits wanting to use books as premiums. We’re also able to make special fundraising book sale arrangements for non-profits. For example $1 or $2 of the sales price can be returned to the organization. For more info: steve@HQPubs.com.