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David: The Usurper

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David is simply explosive. It is a tale of deception, faith and sensuality.”

David: The covenant and the scrolls book 3What do you do if you’ve just killed Goliath with a slingshot, cut off his head and carried it to King Saul? How do you top that? You marry the King’s daughter, Michal, the warrior princess. And then? Why, Bathsheba of course. You marry Bathsheba and father Solomon. Then you write the Twenty-third Psalm.

But along the way you slaughter hundreds of innocents, intrigue, plot and dissemble; rebel against Saul, your rightful King; become a traitor and serve Israel’s arch foes, the Philistines; abandon your wife, take many women; and your son, Absalom, rises in rebellion against you and drives you from Jerusalem.


David – The Unknown, Darker Side – The Stories Behind the Legend 

Everyone thinks they know King David’s life. But all most people know are the sanitized Sunday school highlights. In David: The Usurper, Book Three, Covenant and The Scrolls, more is revealed. Much of it is shocking and scandalous even by contemporary standards.



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  • David was probably bisexual.
  • Goliath was David’s third cousin.
  • David betrayed Israel to the Philistines on numerous occasions.
  • David’s mother was a slave and not a Hebrew.
  • Bathsheba was not a Hebrew and married to Uriah. David had Uriah killed so he could marry Bathsheba.
  • David allowed himself to be anointed King while still a boy and kept it secret while serving King Saul.
  • David’s son, Absalom, was born of a foreign woman, over threw his father and drove him from Jerusalem.
  • David knew of his first born son Amnon’s rape of his sister, Tamar, did not punish Amnon nor care for Tama.
  • Solomon was not David’s first choice to succeed him


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What People Are Saying About David, the Covenant and the Scrolls, Book 3:

“Steve Liebowitz’ David is the Bible as it really was or could have been: a graphic, creative account of King David’s triumphs and tribulations. Liebowitz’ cinematic style lets you live the story. A real joy!”
Jan Smolders, author of Ripping the Veil and Viral Games

David is simply explosive. It is a tale of deception, faith and sensuality. Prepare to be amazed as Liebowitz weaves a story as contemporary as today and as old as mankind.”
Louis K. Lowy, author of Die Laughing

“Liebowitz’ writing is as smooth as the five stones David plucked from the brook for his sling shot and sharp as the sword he used to behead Goliath. If you love Bible stories, but don’t care much for the Bible, you’ll love David.”
Mort Laitner, author of A Hebraic Obsession