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Dream Group Trilogy


Twelve people meeting each week at Miami International University to interpret their dreams encounter the ancient Aztec goddess Coatlicue and are thrust into a secret struggle between Good and Evil.


How-to books on dreams, spirituality and sexuality fill shelves in libraries and bookstores.  Support groups meet in homes, churches and universities.  The Dream Group Trilogy is the first of a series of novels about one such group. 



“People join our Group to learn how to interpret their dreams, then stay to make them come true,” said Dr. Joshua Wilbeth, founder of the Miami International University Dream Group. “We in the Dream Group are the torch bearers of the ancient, mystical traditions – Hindu Tantra, Christian Gnosticism and Jewish Kabala. 

“For thousands of years, these traditions have empowered human-kind by helping us experience sex and dreams as sacred parts of a sacred universe – the marriage of spirit and flesh. The 12 people in my Group have reconnected with those ancient truths.  The three books in this trilogy are the fictionalized accounts of our true-life encounters with the Goddess and the liberating power of sacred sex and lucid dreaming, and point to your divinity and the sacredness of your sexuality.”

The 56 year old professor is planning another trip to Mexico City to complete twenty years of research into a form of energy he believes transmits thought through dreams. With this trip Josh hopes to confirm what he’s long suspected, that the worship rituals for the Goddess Coatlicue enabled the ancient Aztecs to tame that energy.

Dr. Wilbeth asks his graduate assistant Paul Holcomb to take over while he’s away. Paul is badly shaken when he realizes he’s acted-out an erotic dream.  Afraid and frustrated, unable to recall its details, he realizes it’s recall or be doomed to an endless cycle of compulsion. 

Another member of the Group, Angela Saunders, would be more than happy to use Paul’s unresolved compulsion to enslave him.   Angela, 44, a sexually dominant, black real estate broker wants to take Paul from his girl friend Magdalena Renaldo, 20.

Fighting for insights, Paul recalls the dream.  He is naked, kneeling in an ancient temple, flesh gleaming with sacred oil.  Fully aroused, he bows down before a voluptuous young woman dressed as an ancient Aztec Goddess.  He pours out his devotion, wanting only to adore Her, but She ignores him.  Angela will not.

The Angela-Paul-Magda triangle is one of the genres driving the action.  There’s mystery and suspense as the ensemble cast becomes enmeshed in the conflict between the sacred and profane – the Azules and Rojas, two secret international cults vying for sacred ancient Aztec religious artifacts.  There’s history and adventure in the midst of Cortez’ conquest of Mexico.  And eroticism, as ancient pagan rituals are re-enacted in Miami and Mexico City.  But, like the Celestine Prophesy, the books in the Dream Group Trilogy are, above all, tales of spiritual rebirth and personal renewal.