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Saul: The First King

saulImagine being a twenty year old middle class farmer in the morning, then after lunch, the first King of Israel? Difficult to even imagine, but that is what the Bible tells us happened to Saul.

We are not told how King Saul coped, only that he was haunted by ‘evil spirits.’ But what if the ‘evil spirits’ were not ‘evil spirits’ but the first king’s all too human struggle to manage the responsibilities thrust upon him? The second book in The Covenant and Scrolls series: Saul: The First King explores that possibility.

Highlighting some of the Old Testament’s most fabulous characters: the Prophet Samuel, David and Goliath, and the Witch of Endor, The First King tells the story of King Saul surrounded by pagan Philistines practicing ritual sex, treachery among his own people and Philistine military supremacy. As Devorah did, Saul must find ways to unite the Twelve Tribes, maintain the Hebrews’ belief in the One God and overcome Philistine military might.

As Devorah did, Saul walks a tightrope between his personal view of the One God as a present, loving force—the Covenant, and the prevailing view of God as a distant, punishing power—the Scrolls.


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What People Are Saying About Saul:The First King

“Steve Liebowitz has a unique ability to convey a sense of time and place. The dialogue between his characters has a way of giving the reader a feeling of familiarity with them.”
Richard L. Peterman, Jr., Assistant Professor of Economics (retired), Northern Virginia Community College


“In his second biblical novel, Saul, (preceded by Devorah) Dr. Steve Liebowitz addresses issues of global magnitude and those more mundane. His characters’ conflicts are internal (Man vs. Self) and external (Man vs. Man and Man vs. Nature). They involve intense relationships among individuals and between people and God, between tradition and separation from it, and between the spiritual and the flesh. Well-developed characterization, compelling dialogue, and vivid description against an ancient setting fill out this historically based novel.”
Rita F. Dorn, MA in English, college professor, author of “Strands of Rhyme: Poems from the Real World”.


“Full of insight and wisdom, Steve Liebowitz’s story of King Saul’s tumultuous life is a wonderful read. As characters from the Bible are brought to life, Saul’s joys and conflicts are revealed. His humanity resonates on each page.”
Tere Starr, Miami Poets Soirée, founder and host


“Riveting! Steve Liebowitz is a master of character development. Seeing these biblical legends through humanistic eyes makes Saul, First King a worthy read.”
Mort Laitner, Lawyer, Teacher, and Author of “A Hebraic Obssession”.