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The New Professionalism

The-New-Professionalism-2500x1563-Amazon-Smashwords-Kobo-AppleWhat makes you a professional?

Think about it. Why do you call yourself a ‘professional’? What are the benefits, the drawbacks? What does it mean to be a ‘professional’ now, in the world?

Are you a new professional or an old professional?

What spiritual, mental, emotional and behavioral habits make you a professional? Which make you a ‘new’ professional or an ‘old’ professional? Did you know that being a ‘new’ professional or an ‘old’ professional has nothing to do with your age?

What sets you apart?

Is it your expertise and experience; your special methods and technology; your attitude and training? Or is it something more; perhaps a combination of these, with the whole greater than the parts?


Everyone wants to be considered a ‘professional’ at work and treated ‘professionally’ as a customer. But which kind of ‘professional’ are you at work?  Are you a ‘new’ professional, or an ‘old’ professional? Are you cool, closed, distant, chilly, sticking to well-established rules, policies and procedures? Or, are you open, compassionate, caring, concerned and flexible?

New professionals use both methods – and thinking, combining both Science and Spirit, reason and intuition, to respond flexibly to their client’s needs. Old professionals use either/or thinking, leaving Spirit and intuition out, relying only on reason and Science to rigidly squeeze clients into predetermined categories.

Learn to use both, combining Science and Spirit, reason and intuition, to empower yourself, your customers and clients and become a new professional.



“With The New Professionalism Steve Liebowitz delivers a welcome, uplifting message: there is a way to meaningfully marry science and spirit and give birth to a new, more powerful you. But you’ll have to rip up your engrained thinking and feeling to set yourself free from fear and feel that new power in you. His spirited plea, to the point and very readable, comes with detailed, practical suggestions for “doing” philosophy without inhibition. That will create your E-Power, which lets you have and offer it all: the spiritual and the material. A smart, enjoyable read.” ~ Jan Smolders, author, carries Belgian and USA passports, lived in Belgium, Japan and Singapore, now in Florida, has run industrial corporations worldwide and led Clinton Foundation initiatives in Latin-America.


“The New Professionalism offers a participative philosophical experience. It dissolves the seeming contradiction between Science and Spirit, freeing their combined power to serve our dreams.” ~ Christiane Ledakis, International Conference Interpreter, Writer and Freelance Interpreter based in Geneva and Miami.


“It is also a step-by-step, scientifically based guide on how to achieve professional-client relationships of mutual empowerment, guaranteeing win-win results for all, while  offering a fresh and empowering definition of successful 21stcentury professionalism, and practical, scientifically based advice on how to achieve it.” – Christiane Ledakis, International Conference Interpreter, Writer and Freelance Interpreter based in Geneva and Miami.


“Dr. Liebowitz’ writing encourages the reader to understand that science and spirituality complement each other in a wonderful convergence oneness. This holistic approach to professionalism is a must read.”  ~ Badru Deen–Author: Out of the Doubles Kitchen–A memoir of the first family of Doubles–the number one street food of Trinidad & Tobago.


“The excellent Foreword and Introduction are what hooked me into buying my copy. Well done! I also enjoyed the excellent illustrations which facilitate understanding and are well placed throughout the book.” ~ Robert Jacober, Author & Consultant


Read this book! Become a new professional and make the professional ideal a reality again.

As Pogo said, we have met the enemy and they is us.

Part One explains the goal of the new professionalism — empowerment, and how to use our everyday self talk and thinking process, self awareness and the connection between body and mind to achieve it.

Part Two presents a powerful tool for improving communication, general semantics, a scientific approach to managing language and meaning. Using a map metaphor to describe how meaning is created (the map is not the territory), Part Two demonstrates that things are more than we say they are, and presents six rules for mastering language.

Part Three offers the Qualitative Paradigm of Science as a more empowering alternative to the dominant Quantitative Paradigm, suggesting that a shift to the Qualitative will facilitate a shift to the Way of the Professional, making it easier for clients and professionals to connect science and spirit in their everyday lives.

Part Four introduces a model called “the Pause.” This five step model softens the traditional boundaries between client & professional, parent & child, manager & employee, making it easier to share power and making it easier to achieve a truly mutualy beneficial professional relationship.

Each part is preceded by a preview, game, case or quiz to get you actively involved. You’ll enjoy yourself doing these and learn more rapidly, too. At the end, the short bibliography of books and magazines provides additional paths to follow; so that the “end” becomes the beginning.