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The well behaved roundness

Oh, how splendid and graceful your roundness!

How inviting and seductive. 

How enchanting and mesmerizing.

My eyes drink you in, desire you.

Why? Is it that you are so ‘well behaved’ or so round or a combination of the two?

Both, I think. 

Both suggest natural perfection, unsullied by human use.

How I yearn to touch you 

To feel your smooth, warm well behaved roundness with my hands! 

That would be a form of worship and communion for me 

To let my warm trembling hands trace your succulent curves 

Follow them, flowing, one into another

Perfection made warm, moist flesh.

Would my worship make your roundness ill behaved

Sully it somehow?

Many would say ‘yes’ and would go beyond “ill behaved” to say sinful.

Part of me hears that and feels guilt and shame.

But another part 

The part that yearns to caress your well behaved roundness with my eyes

Touch it with my hands

Inhale its odor

Will not cease its worship

But shall persist in its heart-felt devotions

Go forward, despite the guilt and shame

And in acting – seeing, touching, smelling 

Know Oneness in its well behaved roundness.