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MIAMI, FL. May 2015— What does the power some of us call ‘God’ want us to do? How are we to live? These are the questions Miami author Steve Liebowitz explores in “The Covenant and The Scrolls” series.

What are we to believe? How do we know what he wants? 3,500 years ago, the ancient heroes of the bible, Devorah, Saul and David, wrestled with these same questions.

In “The Covenant and The Scrolls”, Liebowitz explores the life and times of these great heroes, suggesting that the answers they found may still have relevance for us today.

175 years after Moses led Israel out of Egypt, Devorah, one of the strongest women in the Bible, became
the only female to be a Judge over ancient Israel.

Devorah, Book I published in 2013, is a true story, according to the Bible, about a woman 3,500 years ago, who led her people through times amazingly like our own. Experience the world as she experienced it and wonder how now, 3,500 years later, we’re still dealing with the same political, spiritual and sexual challenges she faced then.

The second book in the series, “Saul:The First King”, highlights some of the Old Testament’s most fabulous characters: the Prophet Samuel, David and Goliath, and the Witch of Endor. The First King tells the story of King Saul surrounded by pagan Philistines practicing ritual sex, treachery among his own people and Philistine military supremacy. As Devorah did, Saul must find ways to unite the Twelve Tribes, maintain the Hebrews’ belief in the One God and overcome Philistine military might.

“David: The Usurper”, just published in late May, is the third book in the series. Everyone thinks they know King David’s life. But all most people know are the sanitized Sunday school highlights. “David: The Usurper, Book Three”, reveals more. Much of it is shocking and scandalous even by today’s standards.

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Saul: The First King

David: The Usurper

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