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What if there is one ultimate power using many instruments and many avenues of expression and you are part of that power and you’re using It right now. Would you like to learn to use It better, more efficiently and effectively? This is the power we call ‘God’.

This power allows us liberty and choice but always in accord with Its fundamental laws. Spirit Tech is about learning, using and practicing those fundamental laws.

These Laws are quite different than the Laws of Newtonian Mechanics that govern our everyday experience. Spirit Tech helps you shift from an experience of dualistic Newtonian reality to experiences of non-dualistic, Quantum reality.

The Heisenberg* uncertainty principle proves that Life does not happen to you, but thru you, that we are part of the whole, creative, unfoldment. Our purpose and function is not to achieve external accomplishment and the good life, but to grow and be stretched into an ever increasing capacity (via Spirit Tech) for contributing to a world that works for everyone and everything.

That you don’t understand or appreciate this, and often actively resist it, is not your fault. It’s not a ‘sin’; no guilt, shame or blame required. It’s just the way it works. One level of mind, the part that accepts duality as real, the ego, cannot communicate with the other part of your mind, the part that accepts spiritual oneness and quantum mechanics as real, the one is not understandable to the other. That’s why we need Spirit Tech to bridge the gap and move towards our quantum reality.

We can’t do this alone; can’t do it if we accept only the ego as our guide. We have to access the ‘still small voice’ of intuition, creativity and innovation in the quantum part of our minds.

*Experiments in traditional Science have to be replicable and reliable. Once the experiment is designed and run, anyone using that design should get the same results. When Heisenberg studied sub atomic particles in Quantum Physics he found that not to be true. He found that the experimenter’s observations and measurements of themselves effected the results.  If an experimenter ran an experiment to show the phenomena to be a wave, the experiment proved it was a wave. However, if the experimenter ran an experiment to show that the phenomena was a particle, the experiment proved it was a particle. That was not supposed to happen. Thus the outcome was ‘uncertain’ depending on the experiment run. The experimenter’s biases and beliefs could not be eliminated and effected the results. The experimenter is the co-creator of the experiment’s results.

This suggests that all people are both consciously and unconsciously manipulating ‘reality,’ making it ‘uncertain,’ and open to our influence. Almost anything is possible…anything. We are the ones using the one power we and everything else is a part of, creating the results we are experiencing.

The New Professionalism: Connecting Science and Spirit, available HERE, from Amazon, is a useful introduction to Spirit-Tech.

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